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B2B vs B2C Mobile app development: Business analysis phase

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Building the mobile (iOS or Android) application is a complicated process including a variety of aspects: from technical to marketing ones. If you ever built an iOS application, you should know that the B2B and B2C sectors require a different approach in many aspects. In this article, we are going to describe some of them and explain where exactly the difference is.

Business analysis / Product definition phase

To find the product idea in the B2B sector, you need product people with vast experience in the specific business domain. Search for these people in the corporate sector. The product owner might understand all the niceties of the client’s business needs. The general understanding is not enough for the proper business analysis. Your application might provide real value to your customers. It is not about the value your business derives from an app — only the benefits your customers receive from it matters. Your app might be significantly better than an app provided by your competitors. There are four common things that B2B app can do:

  • Increase company profit.

  • Decrease cost of the particular operation.

  • Bring new customers.

  • Facilitate daily business processes.

Also, your application might serve a definite purpose. Solve one or two real problems. Business clients never buy an app only for having it. Your app might represent the best solution for the most significant pain of a concrete business.

B2C iOS application is a different thing. You can get product idea from anywhere. There are no strict requirements. Your product might be useful for ordinary people. Maybe, it might be something that facilitates their day-to-day activities. B2C apps take a few forms:

  • Loyalty apps. People use it to have discounts or participate in particular loyalty programs.

  • eCommerce apps. It can facilitate interactions with the specific online store.

  • Standalone apps. These apps are brands by themselves, such as Facebook or Angry Birds. Problem-solving+good marketing together makes an excellent standalone app.

What about BA and product owner of B2C app? They should be passionate about the product idea. There are no strict requirements regarding knowledge and understanding of the business domain — creativity matters. You need to create an outstanding, cool and trendy app. Trends matter even more than problem-solving.

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