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B2B vs B2C Mobile app development: UI/UX design phase

In previous post I was writing about Business analysis phase in B2B and B2C mobile app development process. Now let's talk about UI/UX design phase.

To develop a suitable UI/UX design for B2B, you need to find the specialist with the experience in building corporate solutions. UI shouldn’t be too fancy. Just good-looking is enough. The secondary task of B2B app is increasing the power of a brand and corporate culture. Using corporate colors in UI design might be a good idea. Consider the cultural background of the client's country. Visual content might be suitable. Build the UX with the proper understanding of how clerks and employees will use this application. Keep in mind that people will use your app about 40+ hours a week. UX designer should understand how to increase the productivity of routine tasks. Have in mind that people will be studying how to use the mobile app. Write the guides. Organize the built-in educational programs and sell it or provide for free. Study all features of your product before the company starts using your app.

UI of B2C mobile app should be fancy. Bright, beautiful, simple, intuitive — this is how the UI should look. All the data essential for the clients must be visible. Your main task is to grab customer attention right away. If an app is dull, people will either not install or quickly remove it. UX design should be intuitive and straightforward. User flows of the top-notch applications, such as Instagram are very clear. It is reasonable. Remember that people download your app to facilitate their daily routine, not to complicate it. If you are making an app for amusement or social interactions, consider that people don’t like to think a lot. Make your app as simple as you can. Fancy UI but straightforward UX is a perfect combination, Make your app simple. Add hints and bright labeling.

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