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Mobile App Estimation. Beantown Mobile Best Practices

I told a lot about project estimation practices and common problems.

However, what do we do in Beantown Mobile?

We understand essential business needs in the field of iOS and Android development. Every business owner wants a clear understanding of cost and time to market, proper schedule and milestones, the realistic quality of dedicated resources. The fair estimation of possible risks and impact is also essential. So are the clear communication and visibility, confidence in the very final result. To achieve this, we make the following:

  • We do not just require documentation such as SRS and SDD. We help customers to build necessary documentation. “The more documentation, the better” is not our approach. We bet on common sense, the efficient use of time and resources, active real-time collaboration.

  • We closely collaborate with the product team to get 200% understanding of what does our client exactly need.

  • Mix estimate techniques to give business and product people what they need. We use expertise-based as well as mathematical approaches.

  • Perform detailed presentation of our estimates and propose a proper schedule to ensure visibility and confidence.

  • We actively manage estimates as conditions change. Communicate all changes and risks. Elaborate action plans and implement them properly.

  • We are agile and ready for quick changes.

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